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We are family run and have been established within the security industry for over 50 years covering
all domestic and commercial security matters, now only in London, Essex and surrounding
areas but all over the UK as part of the Nasic group.
  Hewes Security first to install cutting edge technology
  After the announcement of CSL Dualcoms latest partnership with Risco, Hewes Security is the first in the UK to install the CSL Connected with the UK's leading Alarm Receiving Centre, Custodian Monitoring.

CSL Connected offers clients a more professional way of monitoring their alarm with the option of an end user app allowing them to be able to remote control and access their alarm from anywhere and at anytime as long as a WIFI connection is present.

If and when the alarm is activated their is a guaranteed response from the receiving centre 24 hours a day giving you complete peace of mind.
Security Installers Colchester
  Looking to learn more more about CSL Connected technology or any other alarm system that we install? Get in touch with our trusted and reliable team today for further guidance and assistance.
  "We are delighted Hewes Security installed the very first CSL connected, partnered with Risco. With the growing popularity for end user apps, which directly compromises reliable ARC connectivity, this product provides the best of both - so no compromise on professional monitoring."
  A higher-level of security and peace of mind from Hewes Security
  Don't be fooled by scare mongering news articles - we only use the best technology from leading alarm manufacturers for your Hewes Security alarm. Our systems use encryption and two-way communication to shut-out hackers as mentioned in a recent article by the Mail on Sunday.

During tests, the Mail of Sunday found lesser alarms bought from the high-street can be susceptible to hacking - leaving the system unable to trigger an alarm.
Security Installers Colchester
  After reaching out to one of our key alarm suppliers, Texecom confirmed that all their systems utilise closed technology, so how they work is never disclosed. Peace of mind for those who chose a professional security installer such as Hewes Security for their alarm system.
  To quote a professional security installer:
  "I think it's really bad journalism and completely lacking in facts. No mention of
professional systems exceeding EN50131 Grade 2 etc."
  If you are worried about your alarm system, our friendly team at Hewes Security will more than happily offer free advice and a home security survey if required. Our alarm systems are hand-picked from leading professional alarm manufacturers and contain the latest technology and features for your peace of mind.

For free expert advice, or to arrange a home security survey, speak to our experts on 0345 371 3245
  Placing the local communities' welfare first is the backbone to our traditional customer service
  Mr Wright was an elderly gentleman at the grand age of 91 years and with a very old Videx door entry system installed many years ago by a another installer that were no longer in business, yet he had a problem.
Security Installers Colchester

He had an audio phone inside his property giving him a crucial two way conversation where he can talk to people on the outside and decide whether he wants to let them in to his property. This was now not working.

Unfortunately he believed it had become damaged after recent storms and contacted Hewes for advice and potentially a quotation for a new system.

Between the Sales Director and his sales team at Hewes, who always have the customers best interest at heart, it was suggested to the customer to seek advice from his home insurers to establish if he was covered under his policy to minimise any unnecessary expenditure.

Mr Wright could not believe we were putting his welfare and needs before any consideration for quoting and said how refreshing it was to hear of such a smart business. With our advice he has now spoken with social services who are carrying out the work for him free of charge.

He wasn't surprised that we had been in business for many years as he described our attitude as astounding.

  Hewes Security donates
over £5,000 of security
equipment to Romford's
War Memorial Social
  Across 50 years of service, we have become an established part of our local community and have dealt with many homes and businesses to help protect what matters most.
Security Installer Colchester
  After hearing about the development work going on at Romford's War Memorial Social Club to mark it's 60 anniversary, we were happy to lend a helping hand to ensure all their hard work is protected as it should be.

We have heard about the problems the club had experienced over the years with multiple forced entries and vandalism so we felt it was our duty to put a stop to it whilst donating our service to a great centre of the community. Jai Sepple, who is currently assisting the club's committee said: "Word's couldn't express it, we've had so many problems trying to make the place secure - it was one thing we didn't think we'd be able to do."

The club on Eastern Road will now benefit from 11 CCTV cameras and a week's labour from our expert engineers to ensure everything as secure as it can be.
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