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CCTV Monitoring Essex
CCTV Monitoring - 24/7 Surveillance
CCTV provides one of the best deterrents against crime and vandalism, the last thing a burglar wants is to be seen.
Although recorded footage is invaluable for evidence after a crime has taken place, our aim is to utilise CCTV
monitoring to stop crime from happening in the first place.
CCTV Essex
Peace of mind your property is being watched over 24/7
CCTV monitoring is an established and proven option for businesses and areas where security
is paramount. Working in conjunction with a professional monitoring station, we can connect your live CCTV feeds to trained professionals ready to watch over your property night and day.
CCTV Essex Rapid, dedicated response team
CCTV Monitoring Essex Trained security professionals
CCTV Essex Verified Police response
CCTV Monitoring Essex Providing detailed evidence
How it all works
There are a number of ways your monitoring can be setup, tailored
to match your opening hours and existing security measures. If
unauthorised activity is seen on-site by the monitoring station,
they can quickly identify the threat, trigger an alarm sequence
or even contact the emergency services and/or site
keyholders to attend.

Working alongside emergency lighting and a powerful alarm
system, it is possible to stop threats before they even attempt
to commit a crime.
CCTV Essex
CCTV Essex
Rapid response to crime
Staff at the monitoring station are experienced security professionals, trained to not only identify crime but
provide the fastest response. Once verified they can
have a number of options at their disposal to combat
the scene: Voice warnings can be used to disperse groups, alarms can be triggered remotely and, if
needed, the emergency services can be contacted
with a verified crime.
CCTV Monitoring Essex
Your security. Your way.
CCTV monitoring can be tailored to your exact requirements, we work with the monitoring station to organise times of activation and means of operation. We can also specify different cameras and integration with existing security measures to further increase how crime can be tackled remotely.
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Examples of our CCTV installs
CCTV installs
Harlow College
We were commissioned by Harlow College and University to install new PTZ CCTV systems within their premises.
CCTV Installation
Pace Property Lettings
Our engineers installed new HD CCTV systems along with upgrading their intruder alarm system at their premises in Colchester.
Bloomsbury Baptist Church
Over 160 years, Bloomsbury Baptist Church has been a centre for the worship of God and the service to people in the heart of London.
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